A self-contained collection of the essential tools and invisible staining compounds a business would need to catch a thief, malicious prankster or vandal. Every business should own one of these.

  White Hand-Stain Gel   10ml Jar   DYEective Professional Kit - containing all the tools and compounds need to catch a thief, prankster or vandal.
  Red Hand-Stain Gel   10ml Jar  
  Green staining Powder   10ml Jar  
  White staining Powder   10ml Jar  
  Gel Applicators   YES  
  Powder Applicators   YES  
  Invisible UV Marker   Cash / Property  
  UV Forensic Light   380nm  
  Case Size (mm)   255 x 210  x 70  

Note: The length of time the stain remains detectable on skin depends on how often and how well the suspect washes their hands!

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