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 GLOWTEC DYETECTIVE - Let's catch your thief.




Battery Change Instructions


Push-slide the battery compartment cover and remove to expose the battery compartment for

4 x AA batteries.

Slide in the bottom pair of batteries taking note of the correct orientation of each battery.

(see below)

Tilt the lamp vertically and the batteries should slide down into their correct position.

(as shown opposite)


Insert the second (top) pair of batteries in the same orientation as the first.

Test the lamp by turning-on the LED Torch then the UV Tube by sliding the white On-Off switch.



If the LED works but the UV tube fails to light, it most likely indicates that the tube may have moved in transit and will require re-seating into the terminals at each end of the unit.

Slide the On-Off switch to the middle 'off' position.

Pull-off the 'Snap-Fit' plastic cover and gently rotate the UV tube one quarter-turn. Switch-on the UV tube. If it still does  not illuminate, repeat the above process until it does.

When the UV Tube illuminates it will do so initially at half power for approximately 1 second, then brighten to full power.

If it does not brighten, it will mean the batteries are too weak and require changing.


Be sure to use this lamp in a Darkened Room to see the DYEtective Stain








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